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PACKMAN DISPOSABLE, Packman 2g disposable vape pen, also called as Pacman Vape pen, packman vape carts 2g, and Packman carts. This latest vape pen is mainly designed for live resin and liquid diamonds vaping, providing a premium experience for lovers of concentrated oils. With its second-generation design, the generation two packman 2g disposable vape pen specs an upgraded battery capacity of 400mAh, providing bigger usage times and better performance than the old version.


PACKMAN DISPOSABLE REVIEW, Furnished with a rechargeable battery, the Packman 2g disposable vape pen can simply be recharged using the Type-C USB charger, ensuring that you forever have power when you need it most. The 2.0 ml tank capacity is mainly optimized for accommodating two grams of live diamonds and live resin, permitting extended vaping sessions without the hassle of frequent refills.


PACKMAN LIVE RESIN, The warming element of the Packman 2-gram disposable vape pen specs an upgraded ceramic coil, which makes sure perfect and continues vapor production. With a coil resistance of 1.4 oHm, it delivers the best performance to completely extract the flavor and effects of your picked live resin and liquid diamond concentrate.


PACKMAN LIQUID DIAMONDS, Featuring both a preheat button and airflow activation, the PackMan 2g disposable vape pen provides ease of customization and use.  Just inhale to activate the airflow and start the vapor production, or use the preheat button to prime the coil for a better vaping experience. The Packman liquid diamonds and live resin are accessible in a big range of ten amazing flavors.

Buy PackMan Disposable online
Buy PackMan Disposable online

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